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The origins of the Mission House Museum lay in the former Anglican Rectory building just alongside St. Paul's Anglican Church on Mill Street. Prior to the amalgamation of many of the rural municipalities, the village of Combermere was part of Radcliffe Township. In 1997, the Council of Radcliffe Township were supportive of the designation of the former rectory to become a 'heritage building'. Following the formation of larger municipal districts, including the Madawaska Valley Township, the Museum serves as a reminder of those earlier geographical and social roots to the settlement of the area.

Saving the former Rectory

Thanks to efforts of the local volunteers who formed the original Combermere Heritage Committee, the process of restoration was completed allowing for a succesful opening in May 2005. Then and now, the Museum aims to be self-funding as an enterprise and the current Society members gratefully acknowledge the continuing public support and donations of monies.

The original restoration would not have been possible without the further support of the Ontario Trilium Foundation (OTF), an agency of the Ministry of Culture.

The Mission House Museum

Today the Combermere Heritage Society are continuing to work towards the original objectives of the founding group. Operating as a sub-committee of the Township of Madawaska Valley's Parks & Recreation Committee, the Society meets for the Annual General Meeting in May.

Volunteers to support the work of the Museum are always welcome! Please contact the Curator to enquire about this opportunity.

The museum's location on Mill Street, Combermere is an ideal location for a family visit.  Mill Street, sitting alongside the Madawaska River also offers the Mayflower beach which is just across the road from the museum. This safe, attractive access to the water is a popular refuge in the summer months. A variety of children's play equipment is also available for the more energetic!

Take the time to pick up a copy of the Heritage Walking Tour, available from the museum, and discover some of the history of the immediate area.

St Paul's Anglican Church is close by the museum.

The museum offers a wealth of information for visitors to the area so make a visit and learn more about this very special part of Renfrew County, within the Ottawa Valley.

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